About Us


Corporate Profile
Since its inception in 2007, Sunnybiz Transport has grown to become a competitive passenger transportation and cargo solutions company specializing in providing superior service to the greater Florida area.


Sunnybiz Transport has expanded its service lines and market base in pursuit of  excellence and efficient customer service

Our reputation is paramount and would stop at nothing to prove such.


Sunnybiz Transport – ‘Transport for your every need’.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing “Best in Class” transportation solutions and fostering a disciplined culture of safety,  and trust for client services

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the most sought after Transportation Company in the South Florida region by reaching into new markets and developing innovative and efficient transportation solutions, whilst remaining on the cutting edge of service.

Core Values

Attention to detail – Committed to your individual personalized experience Reliability - Proactive to meet expectation

Integrity – Always show right behaviour

A Passion for Winning - We are a “can do” company and we believe that nothing is impossible

Value for Money – We work hard to deliver cost efficient value